19 July 2024
Roast wild boar in apple juice. - recipe - photo: umami_hawk
Roast wild boar in apple juice.- recipe - photo: umami_hawk

Roast wild boar in apple juice.

120 min. total time

Ingredients for 2 portions

500 g Wild boar meat (leg or shoulder)
700 g Root vegetables (carrots, celery, leeks)
0.25 l Soup (or game stock)
0.5 l Water
1 Piece Onion (medium)
1 Shot Apple juice
1 Pinch Thyme
1 Tbsp Lard
1 Pinch Coriander
1 Pinch Juniper berries
1 Pinch Pepper
1 Pinch Salt


  1. First, clean the meat. Then prepare a broth for pouring from the meat scraps, 200g root vegetables, 1 onion, and 1/2 liter of water, salt, and pepper (season with some soup seasoning if desired).
  2. Season the meat with salt and pepper from the mill and fry it in hot lard until browned. Remove the meat from the pan and place it in a roasting dish (= rectangular pan) in the preheated oven (about 180 degrees).
  3. In the remaining roast, roast 500g roughly diced root vegetables and 1 roughly chopped onion, add fresh thyme sprigs, coriander, and juniper berries.
  4. Finally, deglaze with cider and pour in the prepared broth. Pour the sauce over the meat and simmer in the oven for about 1 hour.
  5. Finally, slice the meat thinly and arrange it. Strain the juice, mount with cold butter, and nap over the meat.

Nutrition score


15,95 g

56,98 g

21,24 g

120 min. total time | 30 min. preparation time | 90 min. cook & rest time

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