24 July 2024
Farmers feast - recipe - photo: bitterShark
Farmers feast- recipe - photo: bitterShark

Farmers feast

230 min. total time

Ingredients for 4 portions

500 g Pork belly (ready-made caraway roast)
500 g Smoked meat (ready-made)
4 pcs Bread dumplings (ready-made)
400 g Sauerkraut (ready-made)
4 pcs Frankfurter sausages


  1. For a Bauernschmaus you need a cooked, ready-made caraway roast or pork belly.
  2. Furthermore, you need a ready-cooked smoked meat
  3. Frankfurters are briefly boiled in boiling water.
  4. As a side dish, we recommend bread dumplings and optionally sauerkraut according to our basic recipe.
  5. Now the Bauernschmaus is properly portioned by serving everything nicely on a plate or platter. The sliced meat pieces (pork belly and smoked meat) are placed on the plate with the Frankfurters and dumplings.

Nutrition score


51,65 g

30,70 g

19,95 g

230 min. total time | 50 min. preparation time | 180 min. cook & rest time

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