13 June 2024
Gyros with Jalapeno Rice - recipe - photo: benjamin
Gyros with Jalapeno Rice- recipe - photo: benjamin

Gyros with Jalapeno Rice

100 min. total time

Ingredients for 4 portions

600 g Pork Schnitzel
1 tsp Lemon Juice
100 g Olive Oil
2 pcs Onions
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Paprika Powder
2 tsp Thyme (dried)
2 tsp Oregano (dried)
3 pcs Garlic cloves (chopped)

Ingredients for tde Rice

200 g Rice
3 stalks Spring Onions
3 pcs Jalapenos (green chili medium spicy)


  1. First, cut the pork schnitzel into strips for the Gyros with Jalapeno Rice. Mix well with oregano, thyme, paprika, chopped garlic, and cumin. Add lemon juice and marinate covered with foil for at least one hour.
  2. Cut the onions into rings. Heat olive oil in a pan and fry the meat with the onions in batches. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Cook the rice in enough salted water. In the meantime, cut the jalapenos and spring onions into fine rings. Drain the rice and mix with the chili and spring onions. The vegetables should be raw, giving a nice texture and taste.

Nutrition score


28,02 g

43,28 g

52,81 g

100 min. total time | 40 min. preparation time | 60 min. cook & rest time

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