19 July 2024
Braised meat with roasted peppers and bread dumplings - recipe - photo: sourLeopard
Braised meat with roasted peppers and bread dumplings- recipe - photo: sourLeopard

Braised meat with roasted peppers and bread dumplings

70 min. total time

Ingredients for 6 portions

2 Pk Sauerkraut
4 EL Butterschmalz
4 Zweig Parsley
2 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Leaves Bay Leaf
1.5 EL Ground Caraway
3 Pcs Onions
1 Glass Roasted Peppers
1 kg Smoked Pork Loin, Boneless
1 l Vegetable Brotd
1 Pcs Yellow Onions, Large

Ingredients for tde Bread Dumplings

4 EL Eggs
.5 kg Bread Cubes
400 ml Milk, Hot
3 EL Flour
1 Bunch Flour
.5 EL Butterschmalz


  1. First, dice the onions for the bread dumplings and sauté them in clarified butter. Heat the milk and pour it over the bread cubes in a large bowl with the onions, eggs, and chopped parsley; let it rest for about 30 minutes.
  2. Cut the smoked pork belly into cubes and roughly dice the onions. Also dice the drained bell peppers.
  3. Heat oil in a roasting pan and sear the meat with the onions, then add bay leaves and season with salt, sugar, and pepper.
  4. Tear the sauerkraut apart and add it to the roasting pan with caraway seeds and paprika. After some roasting, deglaze everything with broth and let it simmer covered for about three quarters of an hour.
  5. Bring water to a boil in a large pot and add salt. Bind the dumpling dough with flour, salt, and pepper, and shape it into two equal rolls. Wrap the rolls in a dish towel, tie them up, place them in the boiling salt water, and cook for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Towards the end of the cooking time, season the goulash again with salt and pepper, and serve sprinkled with parsley. Rinse the bread dumplings with cold water and serve with the sauerkraut and meat.

Nutrition score


10,74 g

5,00 g

14,52 g

70 min. total time | 25 min. preparation time | 45 min. cook & rest time

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