14 June 2024
Borderland schnitzel - recipe - photo: crispyElizabeth
Borderland schnitzel- recipe - photo: crispyElizabeth

Borderland schnitzel

40 min. total time

Ingredients for 4 portions

4 pcs Pork Schnitzel (150 grams each)
3 pcs Cloves
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Flour
200 ml Clear Soup
1 Pinch Pepper
1 Pinch Ground Caraway
3 tbsp Cream
2 tbsp Butter

Ingredients for tde Side Dishes

4 pcs Eggs
100 g Rice
500 g Vegetables of choice and season
500 g French Fries
500 ml Vegetable Oil for tde Fries


  1. Pound the schnitzels on both sides, season with salt, pepper and caraway seeds. Press one side in flour, heat the butter, fry the meat in the hot butter on both sides for 3 to 4 minutes each, place in a container with a lid and finish cooking in the oven.
  2. In the meantime, cook the rice according to the basic recipe, adding salt and cloves.
  3. Heat the vegetable oil and prepare the homemade french fries in it. Also steam the vegetables in a little water, season with salt and add a little butter.
  4. Break the eggs into a pan with hot butter and fry sunny side up eggs. Dust the roasting residue of the schnitzels with a little flour, pour in soup, possibly season with salt and pepper, refine with a little liquid cream. Strain through a sieve if larger particles float in the sauce.
  5. Serve on preheated plates: One large spoonful of rice per plate, a handful of fries, vegetables as desired, on top the natural schnitzel with some gravy, and on top of that the fried egg.

Nutrition score


146,74 g

17,43 g

62,02 g

40 min. total time | 40 min. preparation time |

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