19 July 2024
Sliced meat in mustard sauce. - recipe - photo: pungent_eagle
Sliced meat in mustard sauce.- recipe - photo: pungent_eagle

Sliced meat in mustard sauce.

30 min. total time

Ingredients for 2 portions

2 pcs Pork cutlets
1 tbsp Tarragon mustard
1 tsp Mustard seeds
3 tbsp Oil
1 pcs Onion
1 tsp Flour
190 ml Soup
3 tsp Crème fraîche
110 g Pickles
200 g Spiral noodles


  1. The schnitzel is cut into thin strips, then the meat is mixed with the mustard and mustard seeds. Next, the whole thing is seasoned with salt and pepper.
  2. The oil is heated in a pan over medium heat and the meat is fried in it for 4 minutes, stirring constantly, then the meat is removed from the pan.
  3. In the meantime, the onion is peeled, halved, and finely diced. The onion is then roasted in the pan drippings for 6 minutes over medium heat.
  4. The flour is stirred in and the broth is added. Now the crème fraîche is stirred in and seasoned with salt and pepper.
  5. The sauce is allowed to cook for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the pickles are cut into small pieces and added to the sauce along with the meat and mixed well.
  6. The noodles are cooked in boiling salted water until al dente according to the package instructions. Finally, the noodles are drained and mixed well with the sliced meat.

Nutrition score


18,10 g

7,51 g

43,60 g

30 min. total time | 20 min. preparation time | 10 min. cook & rest time

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