14 June 2024
Pulled Pork (from the smoker) - recipe - photo: sillyLogan
Pulled Pork (from the smoker)- recipe - photo: sillyLogan

Pulled Pork (from the smoker)

720 min. total time

Ingredients for 10 portions

2 kg Pork shoulder / neck
150 g Magic Dust (or otder grill rub)
4 tbsp Oil


  1. Preparations the day before: Rub the pork shoulder roast with the oil and let it sit for a few minutes, meanwhile prepare a large stainless steel roasting pan and the grill rub.
  2. Place the meat in the pan and generously sprinkle with the rub and thoroughly cover all sides with rub. Gently press the rub so that a nice layer is formed on the meat. Then tightly wrap the meat in plastic wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to marinate.
  3. Preparations on the day of grilling: Unwrap the meat and place it on a rack in the stainless steel roasting pan and let it sit at room temperature. Preheat the grill to about 100°C. For gas grills, this is easy, but for charcoal grills, it is recommended to use high-quality briquettes. It is important to keep the temperature stable throughout the cooking process.
  4. The meat must be heated indirectly, so for a kettle grill, place it in the center with a tray underneath and the charcoal ring around it. For a gas grill, use 2 or more separate burners and set the temperature so that the meat is far enough away from the burners.
  5. Now add the smoking chips to the grill, depending on the type of grill, they can either be placed directly on the coals or in a smoker box. For charcoal grills, distribute the chips evenly so that they burn continuously and release smoke during the first few hours of cooking. It is optimal to generate smoke continuously for 2-3 hours.
  6. Once the smoke production is strong enough, place the meat and pan on the grill. For optimal results and less stress, it is recommended to use a wireless thermometer with 2 temperature probes for core and cooking temperatures. This allows you to monitor the status of the grill and the meat easily.
  7. From now on, it’s a waiting game and adding more smoking chips if necessary. The pulled pork is ready when it reaches a core temperature of about 90°C. The temperature will initially rise steadily until it reaches a plateau phase, during which liquid evaporates from the inside of the meat, which may even cause a drop in core temperature.
  8. If time is running out, you can wrap the pulled pork at 70°C and speed up the cooking process. Wrap the pulled pork in parchment paper, optionally with a splash of vinegar + grape or apple juice, and increase the grill temperature to 120-150°C. This should help raise the core temperature. In the final minutes, unwrap the pulled pork and let it finish cooking at a low temperature.
  9. The pulled pork is ready when it easily pulls apart with two forks. If you want to keep the pulled pork warm, you can wrap it in aluminum foil or parchment paper and leave it on the grill or in the oven at 60°C. Alternatively, you can fill plastic bottles with hot water and place them in a cooler with the pulled pork to keep it warm for some time.

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720 min. total time | 720 min. preparation time |

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